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(2) Must have LTC or commit to a Criminal Background Check 

$250.00 Value

How the system works

  • Note taking gear
  • Pistol (Semi-Automatic is preferred over a revolver; if you have low capacity magazines i.e. <10 rnd capacity, we recommend extended magazines or extra magazines in order to speed up range time for all shooters)
  • Outside Leg or Waist holster with a retention device
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • 3 Pistol Magazine pouches (soft retention is preferred)
  • Dump pouch or sturdy cargo pockets (storing ammunition)
  • Shooters belt (a strong belt will suffice)
  • Shooting glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Ball Cap (or similar)
  • Shooting gloves
  • 300 Rounds of ammunition.

​Minimum Age: 21 Years old

Tuition Fee: $155.00 a person / $75.00 additional party

Advance Tactical Pistol Training (Coming soon)

Learn proper mindset and skills to carry tactically to win the fight.

"Experts" say they are only 2 reactions types,

"Flight or Fight".

Description: This course is intended for shooters who have a basic understanding and knowledge of their pistol, as well as have a basic understanding of shooting and safety. There will be 1 hour of traditional classroom time; the rest of the instruction will be given on the range. This training will last approximately 6 hours with a 1-hour break in order to move to the range. In order for all topics to be covered, a basic understanding of these concepts will be necessary (these concepts will be reinforced and compounded upon);

Concealed Handgun Tactical Training 

(1) Must have solid Firearm Safety Handling Experience

Tactical Pistol Training

Low Light Tactical Pistol Training (November & December)

Topics Covered:This course will revolve around furthering basic marksmanship skills with a pistol, as well as an introduction to shoot and move techniques (all topics will taught with an utmost emphasis on safe handling of all firearms).

  • Reasons for Pistol Proficiency
  • Combat Pistol Mindset
  • Ballistics
  • Drills
  • Gear
  • Stance​
  • 5 Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Use of Sight
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Introduction to Move & Shoot
  • Reload Techniques
  • ​Delivering Controlled Pairs

Safety Measures, LLC  provides advanced training that will expand your capabilities, increase confidence through real scenario experience, test your weapon under calculated stress and develop the enhanced skills you cannot gain just by shooting paper targets.

Gear Requirement

Pre-requisites & Qualifications 

Intermediate Pistol Training

Description: This 2.5 hour class room only course that covers how to carry responsible and how to be ready to take action if needed. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Carrying and wearing in a vehicle
  • ​Learned the basics of “safe holster and carry systems"
  • ​Experience reality based scenarios in a safe environment. 
  • Understand the theory of the 21 foot Rule.
  • Understand the issues of shooting from inside a pocket or purse.
  • Understand the legal ramifications of drawing a firearm in public.
  • The difference between the "Use of Force" and "Deadly Force".
  • Proper holstering and unholstering.
  • Responsible Carry and wearing

Gear Requirement:Note pad, customer bring their own empty handgun and holster/carry systems.

Minimum Age: 21 Years old

Fees: $40.00 a person

Concealed Handgun Tactical Training

Training Services

​Body reaction to deadly encounter​s

Training is key to stay out of "fright" mode!

We say there are 3 reaction types.

Reference: Jun 23, 2011 - Dave Grossi is a retired police lieutenant

How often should you be training?

The courts have said that our firearms training needs to be relevant and realistic — however, it must also be conducted regularly

The most common sin committed by prospective gun owners who wish to purchase a handgun for personal protection is to buy the gun, take it to a gun range and load up a couple of rounds in it, fire them at a paper target and go home and secure the gun in their nightstand or gun safe. They believe they are ready to defend themselves and their love ones from a serious or deadly attack. Such people are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, this is often the rule rather than the exception. People don't realize that their fine motor skills during times of extreme stress, fear and anxiety will rapidly deteriorate. This leads to what I called "Fright Mode", which means you freeze up and don't know how to react in a life threatening situation.  Whether you use a gun for sport, hunting or self-defense firearm training is essential.

The sad truth...

Intermediate Pistol Training 

Tactical Pistol Training