Fee covers Target, Range Fee, Instructor Fee to go over 1-Hour Range Instruction required by the Texas Handgun Licensing Department.



  • We do not allow women who are pregnant at the shooting range unless they bring a Doctor’s note that it is safe for them to shoot with others. We do not discriminate, we simply looking out for the health and safety of the unborn child.

  • We will be shooting at an outdoor range, heat is a factor. If you can't be outdoors in the heat, please find another provider that has an indoor range.

  • NOTICE The shooting of firearms ("Firearms Activity") at Safety Measures, LLC. A Concealed Handgun License course and/or ANY firearm training is HAZARDOUS AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS.

  • By participating in any firearm training with Safety Measures, LLC and it's affiliates you agree that you, your heirs, your family members, and legal representatives from recovering or bringing a claim against Safety Measures, LLC. in the event of any injury or death for whatever reason, including and not limited to malfunction of a rented/loan/purchase firearm or ammunition, negligence of an instructor, or malfeasance of a customer. This agreement is also meant to protect and release from liability all of the following (who are referred to with Raul Fernando Camacho, owner of Safety Measures, LLC. as the "Released Parties"): officers, employees, instructors (whether employed or independent contractors), customers, members, attorneys, agents, lenders, suppliers, and all affiliated persons and organizations, officers, employees and affiliates, and all successors and assigns. This agreement also includes THE LANDLORD of a shooting range and it's owners.

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