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- Eye and Ear Protection

Note: Bring Application so that the Instructor can sign.



Retired Law Enforcement Officers Concealed Carry Course and Certification (LEOSA)

Note: We cover the range fees.

Safety Measures, LLC is proud to offer Firearms Proficiency qualification for retired law enforcement professionals (new applicants and renewals).

HR-218 The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act LEOSA is a program specifically geared for eligible retired law enforcement officers. 

This page is reserved for those persons needing to obtain their T.C.O.L.E. Retired Federal or Out-of-State Officer Firearms Certificate permit.

Consists of the standard Texas LTC qualification with required modification. Officer will fire at an official B-27 target using standard combat scoring method.

- 20 rounds @ 3 yards
- 20 rounds @ 7 yards
- 10 rounds @ 15 yards

- If qualifying with a Revolver, you may bring a speed loader.

- Handgun(s) that your qualifying with

What to Bring

L.E.O.S.A. Application

- 2 Magazines 


Additional Firearms

- 50 rounds of ammo per gun.

Course of Fire

Our Service Fees

We cover the notsry as well

1 Firearm Qualification

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