This is a great foundational course for new or novice shooters. This 4-hour course provides a safe hands-on training. Upon completion of this course, students will have the knowledge to safely handle and operate most types of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

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per adult


per minor


Taught by a Professional in a Safe, Friendly, and Fun Environment.


This is a 4-hour class is designed for the individual who has little or no experience with a handgun or who needs a refresher course. Many people are conducting their first handgun purchases and cannot load/unload a handgun on their own and do not know how to safely operate it. This class is for you. Our top-rated certified instructors will help the student to acquire;

  • Basic knowledge

  • Right attitude

  • How to be proficient

  • Fundamental skills necessary to own and use a handgun safely, and legally

  • How to be a responsible gun owner

The class agenda will cover;

  • Safety

  • Range Etiquette

  • Rules Every Gun Owner Should Know

  • Handgun Familiarization & Operation

  • Pistol Nomenclature

  • Revolver Nomenclature 

  • Loading & Unloading (dummy rounds)

  • Understanding Cartridges

  • Function Check

  • How to Handle Malfunctions

  • 7 Fundamentals of shooting

  • Stance Theory (Isosceles and Weaver)

  • Dry Fire Drills

  • Live Fire on The Range

  • and much more

This is not a marksmanship course.


  • None


  • Closed toe shoes

  • Eye protection (eye-glasses or sun glasses)

  • No low cut necklines

  • Water and lunch/snacks

  • Hat and sunscreen, recommended

  • If you have a pistol or revolver that you would like to bring to your class, we encourage you to do so. It must be in a secure case (not a holster) and unloaded. If you do bring a gun, please also bring ammunition in a separate box / container. If you have your own eye and ear protection that you want to use, you are welcome to bring that as well. 


  • Ear Protection

  • Target

  • Bottled Water

If you don't have the following below, we can provide for a fee;

  • Eye Protection $5

  • 9mm Gun Rental $10.

  • Ammunition $16.95


Training has a safety training course for minors 10+ years old (must be accompanied by a parent, of course).


Our “ladies only” class is designed to be fun, interactive, and set in a female friendly environment. The course curriculum is primarily the same as our general Intro to Handguns course, but with an added focus on ladies’ topics and techniques.


  • We do not allow women who are pregnant at the shooting range unless they bring a Doctor’s note that it is safe for them to shoot with others. We do not discriminate, we simply looking out for the health and safety of the unborn child.

  • We will be shooting at an outdoor range, heat is a factor. If you can't be outdoors in the heat, please find another provider that has an indoor range.

  • Students who are unable to meet and maintain our safety requirements during the shooting portion of the class may be removed from training without a refund. This is essential for the safety of all who attend the class.

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