W.A.R. “We are ready” – Carbine & Pistol & Shotgun Part – 3 Stress Drill

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We.Are.Ready. Course (Carbine & Pistol & Shotgun)

BMDT’s (Bearing Mindset Drive) unique W.A.R. course (We. Are. Ready.) is the follow-up course to Handgun Platform Proficiency for the individual who needs to develop safe firearm-handling skills and a solid foundation of basic shooting skills with three firearms, the handgun, carbine platform, and shotgun progressively.

The third day will focus on using the exploitation of your shotgun while carrying secondary platform and associated equipment. During the remaining course of fire, each student will learn the fundamentals of carbine marksmanship, shotgun marksmanship, and pistol marksmanship. The BMDTs instructors will evaluate and create increasingly difficult tactical drills to develop superior handling skills with all three weapon systems.

Students will leave with an excellent understanding of shooting fundamentals and how to apply them in controlled stress lab situations.


o Characteristics and Maintenance of the Shotgun Rifle
o Fundamentals of Shotgun Rifle
o Gear Selection and Placement
o Shooting from several Tactic Position
o Barrel – Sight Relationship
o Low Port/Entry Ready Presentations
o Emergency Reloads
o Transition to and from Handgun (optional)
o Shooting from High Port, High Ready
o Recoil Control and Target Acquisition
o Rapid target acquisition
o Tactical Sequence and Priority
o Emergency Reloads


o Must have taken W.A.R. (Courses 1 and 2)


o Shotgun (Tactical Style Preferred)
o 50 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge slugs
o 20 rounds of duty or training 12 gauge 00 buckshot
o Carbine
o 150 rounds of carbine ammunition (ex:223 or 556, check your manufacturer)
o Sling
o Minimum three carbine magazines
o Magazine holders
o Belt
o Handgun
o 200 rounds of pistol ammunition
o Holster and handgun magazine holder
o 3 pistol magazines
o Shooting gloves
o Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection
o Ear Protection

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