Tueller Drill – 21 foot Rule

2 Student Minimum


The Tueller Drill is a self-defense training exercise to prepare for a short-range knife attack when armed only with a holstered handgun.

A defender with a gun has a dilemma. If he shoots too early, he risks being accused of murder. If he waits until the attacker is definitely within striking range so there is no question about motives, he risks injury and even death. The Tueller experiments quantified a “danger zone” where an attacker presented a clear threat.

As an instructor, I personally believe the Tueller Drill to be one of the most important for people to learn. It is probably one of the most fun to do, but in my opinion, it can also be the most humbling experience in training. Not many people can do it, but you can master it with practice and patience. It’s really designed to show you how real life scenarios will go down.


DRILL #1 – The attacker and shooter are positioned back-to-back. At the signal, the attacker sprints away from the shooter, and the shooter unholsters his gun and shoots at the target 21 feet (6.4 m) in front of him. The attacker stops as soon as the shot is fired. The shooter is successful only if his shot is good and if the runner did not cover 21 feet (6.4 m).

DRILL #2 – The attacker begins at 21 feet (6.4 m) behind the shooter (with a rubber knife dipped in red paint or Red Marker) and runs towards the shooter. The shooter (SIRT Gun is provided) is successful only if he was able to take a good shot before he is tapped on the back by the attacker with red paint replicating stab wounds.

DRILL #3 If the shooter is armed with only a training replica gun (SIRT Gun or Blue Gun), a full-contact drill may be done with the attacker running towards the shooter. In this variation, the shooter should practice side-stepping the attacker while he is drawing the gun.

It’s alot of fun and be ready to be marked with red paint. Photos and videos will be available of your training.

I personally believe everyone who carries a gun for self defense needs to run the Tueller Drill at least once. There is much to be learned from the experience.


  • Towel
  • Bring 2 white disposable shirts (you will be marked with red paint)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Plenty of water to re-hydrate
  • Sunscreen
  • Bring your purse or holster or concealed carry holster
  • 50 rounds of ammo (1 box)
  • We are going to provide you a SIRT pistol


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A firm understanding of the fundamentals of shooting a handgun. The shooter must have Excellent Discipline keeping finger off the trigger and muzzle awareness during non-engagement. Previous shooting experience and familiarity with your handgun is required. Students should be familiar with their equipment and have solid intermediate gun-handling skills established prior to attending this firearms training course.


We need to have a minimum of 3 students to conduct the class.

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