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Safety Measures, LLC. is fully committed to providing you the safest, most cost-effective and most value training courses available. Adding Value is part of our DNA. Training people in Firearm Safety, Firearm Responsibility, Firearm Proper Usage and Maintenance is our passion. All of our training aspects are conducted with the highest levels of integrity and are focused on creating sustainable value for all of our customers.

Safety Through Education

Experience and Best Practices are the qualities that have made Safety Measures a leader in providing high-quality Firearm Training. Members of our Leadership Team have extensive knowledge and experience in specialized areas of Law Enforcement, Military Security, and Firearm Training. This ensures consistent and standardized performance.

Why Choose Safety Measures

Many firearms instructors are certified to teach Firearm classes, but the majority of them do not have professional background experience.

Most of them are simply gun enthusiast with no real life experience working the streets. The majority of them have never faced armed and dangerous criminals on a daily basis. Many of them don’t have extensive Law Enforcement training, or experience dealing with deadly encounters with violent criminals. Many of them may know the law and some think they know the law, but many of them never applied the law or have experience in Criminal Code Procedures.

This is something worth considering when choosing an instructor.

Raul "Roy" Camacho

Photo of CEO of Safety Measures

CEO, and Owner of Safety Measures, LLC. A born leader and a successful bilingual professional with over 20 years of service management experience. Highly skilled at performing due diligence and applying best practices. Constantly setting new benchmarks, has a competitive spirit.

  • Educational Credentials
  • Current – Masters Degree in process Emergency Management from Capella University

    2016 – CAPCOG Law Enforcement Academy Graduate for L.E. Firearms Instructor (2222)

    2016 – Level II, Level III, and Level IV Security Instructor

    2016 – Armament Systems Patrol (ASP) Certified Instructor

    2012 – Department of Public Safety Certified LTC Instructor

    2012 – NRA Certified Firearm Instructor

    2011 – Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Ashford University

    2008 – CAPCOG Police Academy / Williamson County Sheriffs Dept. (Vice President)

    2001 – Associates in Marketing from Houston Community College

    1989 – BCS Academy – Security & Investigation Management

  • Professional Credentials
  • Current – Texas Peace Officer (Intermediate Level)

    2014 – Lexington Police Department.

    2008 – ACC P.D.

    2008 – CAPCOG Police Academy / Williamson County Sheriffs Dept. (Vice President)

    1992 – Asset Protection Team, Inc. – Tactical Response Team

    1988 – Pennzoil In-House Security

  • Expertise
  • Law Enforcement
    ​Criminal Code Procedure
    ​Security Management
    Loss Prevention​
    ​Asset Protection
    ​Use of Force
    ​Pre-Incident Indicators Awareness
    ​​Emergency Management (FEMA)
    ​Tactical Pistol Training
    Firearm Safety Training

Lee Reyna

Photo of Safety Measures Instructor Lee

Accomplished project manager (team member) with a proven ability to develop and implement strategies that support business and financial objectives.  Respected leader; able to build teams focused on achieving the wants or needs of an organization while providing consumer satisfaction.

  • Professional Credentials
  • Honorable Discharge 2015, Staff Sergeant USMC.

    • Critical Skills Operator (0372), Marine Special Operations Command (2015-2011)
    • Marksmanship Instructor (0931), Recruit Training Battalion, MCRD North. (2011-2009)
    • Marksmanship Coach (0933), Recruit Training Battalion, MCRD North. (2009-2008)
    • Infantry Assaultman / Missileman (0351/0352) 1st Battalion 3rd Marines (2008-2004)
    • Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego/ School of Infantry West (2004)
  • Military Training Credentials
    • Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division: USSOCOM Joint Armorers Course (2012)
    • 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Army Special Operations Command (2012)
      • Army Forces Special Operations Command course that certifies Green Berets Weapons Sergeants.
      • Three month long course that specializes in NATO and Soviet Block weapons.
      • How to diagnose a malfunction of a weapon and conduct necessary repairs.
    • Individual Training Course (ITC), Marine Special Operations Command (2011)
      • Marine Special Operations Command course that certifies Critical Skills Operators (CSO) to conduct special operations across the full spectrum.
      • Includes mastery of communications; the Survive, Evade, Resist, and Escape full spectrum C course; Amphibious Reconnaissance and warfare; Close Quarter Battle shooting and tactics; critical analysis, planning, and execution of complex missions;
      • 5 week shooting course.
      • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
    • Formal School Instructor Course (2010)
    • Combat Marksmanship Trainer (2009)
    • Infantry Anti Tank Missileman Leader Course (June 2009)
    • Combat Marksmanship Coach (2008)
    • School of Infantry, Infantry Assaultmans Course (November 2004)
  • Civilian Training Credentials
  • Naval Parachute Course (2014)
    T1G: Tactical Combat Casualty Care (2014)
    T1G: Force Protection & High Risk Driving Course (2014)
    Gryphon Group: Custom High Threat Personnel Tactical Survivability Program (2013)
    Moorefield Training Center: Force Protection & High Risk Driver Training (2012)

  • Expertise
  • ​Marksmanship
    Tactical Training
    Proper Mindset

Brandonmichael Dabias

Director of Training and is a NRA certified Law Enforcement Activities Division instructor, one of two in central Texas certified in Washington D.C. in 2003 With over 12 years of military serving as an Operator and Master Operator Instructor.

  • Professional Credentials
    • Combat Veteran of OIF/OEF
    • Certified Texas Peace Officer
    • Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Senior Drill Instructor
    • W.A.R Master Operator Instructor
    • Department of Public Safety Certified Concealed Handgun License Instructor
    • Nationally recognized NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division (L.E.A.D.) Instructor
  • Experience Credentials
    • Security Division Headquarters Naval District / Navy Yard Washington D.C – Military Liaison
    • Regional Inspector General Washington D.C – Staff Inspector
    • Defense Intelligence Agency Tactical Training Center – Operator Instructor & Staff Range Master
    • Joint Agency Tactical Training Center Washington D.C – Master Operator Instructor
    • Auxiliary Security Force – Instructor Anacostia Annex Washington D.C
  • Expertise
  • While assigned to the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard – Presidential Honor Guard Washington D.C As Weapons instructor Brandonmichael held titles of:

    • Counter-Terrorism Instructor
    • Small Arms Instructor
    • Tactical Handgun Instructor
    • Tactical Shotgun Instructor
    • Ranged Weapons Instructor


    • Brandonmichael trained ceremonial and Force Protection personnel providing tactical support for naval flag personnel and activities in the Washington D.C. The Ceremonial Guard supports Ceremonies for the President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and Commander Naval District Washington.
    • While working for Williamson County Juvenile Justice Brandonmichael served as Senior Drill Instructor and worked with at-risk youth for several years.
    • Brandonmichael has received several awards for leadership and dedication has been featured in Choices, a video on Jail Gang & Youth Crime Deterrence, and featured in a nationally recognized Christian magazine with Bill Corum and Frank Bower.
    • Brandonmichael is an active member of the Force Recon Association, a supporting member of the Marine Corp League and a member of the local Purple Heart Association. Brandonmichael holds a degree in low-intensity conflict and is currently pursuing a master’s in Intelligence and Covert Operations from the American Military University.
    • Brandonmichael is a supporting member of Toys for Tots and Austin’s safe-place,an a proud supporter of the Wounded Warriors Foundation.Brandonmichael has also held critical roles as a Military liaison for several Department of Defense contractors and is a military advisor in several feature films.

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