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The Premier Firearm Training Academy

Friendly, Safe, and Professional Instructors.


It is our goal to instill the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for responsible and safe ownership and lawful use of firearms through education and training.


Training people in Firearm Safety, Firearm Responsibility, Firearm Proper Usage and Maintenance is our passion and part of our DNA.



We have a history of  excellence. Experience and Best Practices are the qualities that have made Safety Measures a leader in providing high-quality firearm training. 


On behalf of myself and my instructors, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by our site. One of our passions is firearms, but we also have a passion for teaching.  We are all firm believers in our Second Amendment Rights but also believe that EVERYONE could use some training.


We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to training and our instructors adapt easily to our students whether they are beginners or a well seasoned shooter. We strive to help all students advance and become more proficient with their chosen firearm. We offer classroom instruction and private lessons for those interested in increasing their knowledge and skills. Our professionalism, curriculum, customer service, and firearm training is second to none. 


Many firearms instructors are certified to teach Firearm classes, but the majority of them do not have professional background experience.

Most of them are simply gun enthusiast with no real life experience working the streets. The majority of them have never faced armed and dangerous criminals on a daily basis. Many of them don’t have extensive Law Enforcement or professional training, or experience dealing with deadly encounters with violent criminals. Many of them may know the law and some think they know the law, but many of them never applied the law or have experience in Criminal Code Procedures.

This is something worth considering when choosing an instructor.



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Ranges We Currently Use

Burnet, Texas

RPR Range

1610 Co Rd 115,

Burnet, TX 78611 

Tel: 512-953-7255

Bertram, Texas

Private Range

9814 Co Road 272

Bertram, TX 78605 

Tel: 512-953-7255