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As a Law Enforcement Professional, it makes me proud to see that an individual and fellow "SheepDog" has brought a professional LTC class to the civilian population. As a former police trainer who has been in various training atmospheres, I can say that Raul made the class fun yet very informative. I would recommend this class to anyone who is pursuing a CWP.

Adding Value is part of our DNA. Personal Safety and Gun Responsibility is our passion. All of our training aspects are conducted with the highest levels of integrity and are focused on creating sustainable value for all of our customers.

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If you want to get you LTC this is the school to go. I am not from Texas. And I have been in a few LTC classes. I would have to say this school is the best. They know their stuff, very friendly and professional. Raul is very knowledgeable and explains things to you in a clear and focused manner.



​Safety Measures, LLC takes care of our men and women in blue. If an retired officer wants to get their proficiency done. We're your partner. 

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Was a good, low stress class. Raul was very knowledgeable and clearly understood the material he was presenting. The range portion of the class was very professionally done with enough supervision to make it feel very safe.

Professionally Done

Safety Measures

$69.00 CHL Class

Includes the following:

  • Range Fee
  • Range Pictures
  • Target
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Snacks and Refreshments

Discounts For

  • Military/Veterans 
  • First Respnders
  • ​Seniors

Personal & Reliable

Well Organized

10am to 6pm

Retired Police Proficiency Testing


A certificate from the NRA is an accomplishment in and of itself, but it also lends a gun owner greater credibility in the eyes of others.
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Raul was very personable and reliable. He made the laws and penal codes more understandable, especially the lengthy ones. At the gun range, he practiced safety first and made sure everyone was comfortable in handling the weapons. Experienced and inexperienced shooters came out with good scores with his guidance. Awesome instructor!

Customer Reviews

Raul is a fantastic, educated, and informed instructor with a great personality. I could not believe how fast the hours flew by. His materials are well organized, entertaining, and full of knowledge. He has great patience at the gun range for a first time gun owner with no experience. 

Raul made the class informative while his personal professional experience added highlights and greater depth to the course. Time flew by and before you know it we were on the range with his providing a through safety review before we even handled a firearm. Many thanks Raul!

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Great Value

Quality Service

We are not a mill-service and we believe in quality over quantity. Our classes are never over packed. Smaller classes permits more academic ground to be covered. More individual attention is allowed which is important.

History of Excellence

Experience and Professionalism matters. Safety Measures, LLC has maintained a A+ rating from the BBB. We provide high quality professional training. We believe we pack more useful information into your class than anyone else.

There are several classes for folks that will be investing in a AR Rifle. We offer education and training on the AR platform.
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We are proud to announce that we will be offering FFL services and we will be offering gun sales to our student base only.
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Gun Sales

Safety Measures, Llc. Concealed Handgun License Classes

We will guarantee you will successfully pass our class. Call us for details at 512-663-9393.

conceald handgun license training and level 3 security training

 The Safety Measures Guarantee

Safety Measures, LLC is a state approved and license. More importantly, we provide high quality professional training. We believe we pack more useful information into your class than anyone else. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the 2nd Amendment, professionalism, curriculum, customer service, and Firearm Safety. We are highly reputable and recommended on Yelp, Google, Angie's List and we have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We have the BEST Level II and Level III security classes in central Texas. Our Instructors have Law Enforcement and Security Experience.

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Learn tactical training what Law Enforcement Officers go through. Learn proper mindset and effective skills to survive and win a gun fight.
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Book your corporate group, executive outing or team building event with us.  It’s a great way to reward your employees and say “thank you”.

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Why Choose Safety Measures

Many firearms instructors are certified to teach Firearm classes, but the majority of them don't have a professional background experience. Most of them are simply gun enthusiast with no real life experience working the streets. The majority of them have never faced armed and dangerous criminals on a daily basis. Many of them don’t have extensive Law Enforcement training, or experience dealing with deadly encounters with violent criminals. Many of them may know the law and some think they know the law, but many of them never applied the law or have experience in Criminal Code Procedures.

This is something worth considering when choosing an instructor.

Texas law requires a 4-6 hour LTC Certification Course to obtain a LTC Learn about laws, safety and how to be a responsible LTC holder.

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The Course  is designed to get beginners comfortable with their chosen firearm(s) and learn the fundamentals of familiarization with their service pistol.

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